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zoylent is a full meal in one drink.

Healthy, convenient and delicious.

Save 5% when you buy for 1 week & free shipping to Singapore
Save 10% when you buy for 1 month & free shipping worldwide

Fast, Natural, Easy.

Fast, Natural, Easy.

Precise nutrition in every serving.

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Manufactured in Singapore.

Engineered by professional food scientists to provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to thrive.

As we step into the new age of robotics and AI, so should we modernise our lifestyles and embrace the future of food.

You can order from the following:

1 day pack - 4 meals

3 day pack - 12 meals

1 week's worth - 28 meals with 5% off and free shipping to Singapore

1 month's worth - 196 meals with 10% off and free international shipping.

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Why does zoylent cost what it does?

We considered many packagings and recipes when designing zoylent - ultimately a daily sachet proved to be most value, environmentally and practically.

We also insisted on using the superfood, coconut as our fat source as it's an excellent source of good fats. As zoylent achieves economies of scale, prices will only go down and be cheaper to replace your most expensive and inconvenient meal of the day.

We're offering a 5% discount for 1 week orders and 10% for 1 month orders.

Has zoylent been approved by the authorities?

zoylent has been reviewed, classified as a food product and approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

What's the nutritional content of zoylent?

zoylent ingredient list: Soy flour, maltodextrin, oat flour, coconut flour, inulin, minerals, multivitamins, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Serving size: 130 g

Calories: 500 kcal

Carbohydrates: 52 g

Protein: 29 g

Fat: 20 g

Fibre: 8 g

zoylent is designed to be low-GI. Maltodextrin gives you an immediate energy boost and slow-release oat flour keeps your energy level up so there's no post-meal crash.

A more detailed nutritional chart will be available soon.

Is zoylent vegan?

zoylent in its current iteration gets its DHA from fish oil and as such, is not vegan. We are trying our best to find a source of affordable plant-based DHA so we can make a vegan friendly option.

How do I drink zoylent?

Each zoylent pack contains a full day's nutrients, designed to be consumed in 4 servings. Each serving is 6 heaped tablespoons of zoylent into 2 cups of water, which you can mix in a shaker bottle or simply stir in a cup - it's super dispersible.

You can also mix up an entire bag of zoylent to bring around in a pitcher as you go about your day. zoylent is meant to give you freedom so drink it however you like!

Each sachet of zoylent lasts for one month once opened and one year unopened so you don't have to worry about it going bad anytime soon.

When will I get my order?

The first shipment of zoylent is estimated to arrive July 2017. We honestly can't wait for you to try zoylent!

I live outside of Singapore/Southeast Asia, can I still place an order?

Yes you can! Additional shipping fees will apply, depending on how far away you are. We're working towards every country in Asia being able to buy zoylent locally.

I made an order but I'd like a refund.

Just drop us an email requesting a refund and we'll give you a full refund within 3 business days.

Do you have any other flavours other than vanilla?

We're experimenting with many other flavours and would like to introduce Asian-themed flavours in future such as matcha and green tea, but for now our vanilla is the one to beat! We'd love to hear suggestions for what you'd like so tell us!